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Staging and Reality

Psychodrama happens where a person gathers with others in a half circle around a space that becomes a stage for enactments and with a leader trained in psychodrama production may be the one to bring their story to life. Jacob Moreno created Psychodrama.

Moreno’s saw the “stage” as his first of five instruments, and he saw “reality” as third of four universals. Psychodrama aims to produces the reality of a person’s life – What has been, what is current and what yet may be. The stage can contain it all and dramatize it reveal the essential reality. The creativity of everyone is brought together to be true to what is. Companians as audience are ready to be assistant actors. It is not only the future that is exploratory and open to new possibilities. Past and current life is explored, expanded and there is freedom to experiment with any alternative – nothing is ruled out.

The actor who begins follows their life’s narrative and is the protagonist, the audience member who comes from amongst the audience so that everyone considers in action and interaction how things work in their lives. One story links to all stories. One life has commonalities in theme and dreams to all others. The lead actor is the source of data consciously and unconscious. They are playwright, script writer,├é┬áproducer, as a psychodrama proceeds they play the auxiliary egos of their life story. Their narrative brings forward their subjective and objective reality and their surplus reality.

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