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Not Rehearsal

A prose-poem Not Rehearsal In 1985 the five day Training Workshop ends. The trainer’s saying that “psychodrama is rehearsal for life” clashed with the vitality and immediacy of my experience. I went home and wrote a prose poem. I knew what it was for me. It was not rehearsal. Knowing what it is not for […]

Dissonance and other essential cognitive distortions

Thinking about reciprocity and psychotherapeutic relationships had me recal Cognitive dissonance and Carl Festinger Festenger, who recognized such dissonance as operating when imbalances that discomfort us are in play, and where immediate active reponses are, or appear, not to be able to correct imbalances in the social context. The response that is made is to view the events in such […]

Reciprocity and mutuality in relationship

Language teacher on Niue in 1965 tought us to appreciate polynesian reciprocity. So careful for the stranger but taken for granted by the polynesian. What this mirrors to the western European is what it would mirror to Malaysian, Chilean or to be fair to any great ape or lesser ape or in some form all […]

A Poem by W.H. Auden

Walter Logeman who has been guiding me into the world of blogging and web pages on Word Press sent me this poem to lead me into the how to post or page an article or document. You will see that I posted a comment on his posting and I copy it here after the poem.

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Evan’s visit

We have had a busy day with Evan and Isabelle

Given and taken away

The sands were back last week – not completely but another month and they would be. Yesterday the storms sepped up the momentum and so the waves ravage the coast as the rain flooded the lower hinterlands. John – our son - could not get his ten year old son Kieran through to the local hospital […]


Indiana Jones

We went to see Indiana Jones with our Sunshine Coast grandchildren yesterday. It was a great “Boys Own” adventure but not just for boys, Brittany and Gwen had a great time. Kieran and I too. Tongue firmly in cheek Lucas is a wonderful story creator. The actors were superb and the adventures required absolute withholding of […]

Rain Rain go away come again another day

 We were going to Brisbane today. Meetings with good friends and colleagues. South east Queensland is swept by tropical storms and we are not moving out of our apartment – it could be worse of course and the Crusaders could be beaten by the Warratahs or the Socaroos be beaten by Iraq. For now we […]

Publishing prescriptions

This morning in conversation with a colleague by email we engaged on the need for trainees and students to discipline their writing to meet their publishers precise requirements. Psychodramatists in training are attracted by and continue their training buoyed by the discovery of spontaneity and the access it gives to their creative genius. They notice […]

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It hasn’t got any doors

People of all ages point and laugh with delight. Teen agers shout greetings. Smaller children always want someone to look too. Tiny people 2’s – 3’s are perplexed. It doesn’t fit their image of things that move on roads. It doesn’t fit with what adults ride in. The problem is “How does he get out […]