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Moreno’s Universe of discourse – what the hell is that.

To Peter Howie and other AANZPA Facebook friends   Hullo Peter,   Your thesis topic gives opportunity for an in depth exploration of both “warm up” and the body of core concepts that J L Moreno produced as he observed the human condition and worked to access and develop spontaneity and creativity for the health […]

On the coast

Living on the Sunshie Coast for a couple of months means beach sun some rain cold mornings and mid to low twenties for six hours a day. The beach at low tide has strands of creamy sand soft smooth and firmed by the waters. these days the result of scouring storms leaves the volcanic rock […]

Reciprocity in therapy groups

Thinking further on reciprocity and groups, and reciprocity’s advantages and may be necessity for worthwhile, ethical and powerfully efficacious healthy developments, I have been remembering Jacob Moreno in his “sociometry” based “group psychotherapy”. He was “Doctor”, and “Doctor” was an identity of powerful influence, respect and status in the years of his lifetime (1889 – […]

Dissonance and other essential cognitive distortions

Thinking about reciprocity and psychotherapeutic relationships had me recal Cognitive dissonance and Carl Festinger Festenger, who recognized such dissonance as operating when imbalances that discomfort us are in play, and where immediate active reponses are, or appear, not to be able to correct imbalances in the social context. The response that is made is to view the events in such […]

Reciprocity and mutuality in relationship

Language teacher on Niue in 1965 tought us to appreciate polynesian reciprocity. So careful for the stranger but taken for granted by the polynesian. What this mirrors to the western European is what it would mirror to Malaysian, Chilean or to be fair to any great ape or lesser ape or in some form all […]

Flip remark within serious news conference opens a glimpse of psychodrama

Barrack Obama in his first news conference as United States President Elect makes a couple of light remarks. One about the White House children’s dog selection. The other turning a titter at having said he had spoken to all past presidents. First he says “All living past Presidents”, then “I didn’t want to get into a […]

A big difference with Role as I see it

“Role” is a word that Jacob Levi Moreno took from his theatre experience and his fascination with staging, producing and creative acts. He coached children in freedom to be themselves in Vienese parks while first a philosophy and then a medical student. He created impromptu theatre with teenagers and Vienese actors. He produced theatre early last […]


During this week David Beckham in the news for his effort to maintain his level of competiveness for being selected to play for England in another world cup is to play on loan for Milan during the US off season. Accused of turning his back on the LA Gallaxy he said:”I am not leaving Gallaxy […]

Playing with links – will it work?

Struggling to put in a link and eventually Walter discovered that by putting a name highlighting and clicking link the dialogue box appeared and the link could then be inserted. Why did this struggle ocurr? Walter usually works with HTML and so was unfamiliar with the visual screen and the faded “link” button! For example […]

Wandering the pages

Setting up a Blog with the intent to place writing I have done and will do is a challenge. Walter thank you for revising and developing the site. I am getting a strong feel for its workability. I will continue to explore. With your being away for a while when you return I should be […]