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Welcome to my Home Page


This page is the entrance way to my writing. I write mainly concerning “The Potent Art” of psychodrama. This methodology brings together art and science – drama and humanity. Psychodrama works actively with human relationships to investigate, learn from and bring about greater health. The focus is both personal and on community life.

This site primarily puts forward my ideas and experience in working with people individually and within groups.

The methodologies I draw on are predominantly those of Dr Jacob Moreno an existentialist thinker, dreamer and activist. He lived from 1889 to 1974. He lives still in the people who are inspired by his discoveries of ways for each person and community to gain freedom to act effectively. He advocated spontaneity and creativity. Spontaneity development builds as we come to trust in our  universe and especially the people immediately around us beginning from our earliest days. By being assisted to value our inner experience and to trust our choices and actions we move towards living openly and well. Assisted to be able to see ourselves in our world we move towards living with realities full on.  Assisted to recognize the experience of others and inviting them to genuinely meet us we move to be vitally alive in making reciprocal relationships.

Morenian constructs promote “a potent art” for health through spontaneity, creativity and action.

(“A Potent Art”: the phrase is from from Shakespeare’s Tempest)