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Components of a Role

  A clue from Moreno 4 Components & 2 Interactive Factors The first clue is about there being thinking, feeling and action in every and any role. Second in the graphic that follows there are three additional factors alongside and essential to a concept that role has thinking, feeling and action. They are that: a. values arise […]

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It hasn’t got any doors

People of all ages point and laugh with delight. Teen agers shout greetings. Smaller children always want someone to look too. Tiny people 2’s – 3’s are perplexed. It doesn’t fit their image of things that move on roads. It doesn’t fit with what adults ride in. The problem is “How does he get out […]


The beach edge

Click for larger image The beach crawls with flora weedy and scrawny greeny greys and fighting brighter green clawing into the sand will it hold against high tide will rising global seas simply swamp its effort.

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