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Me – I’m Don

Don Reekie is writng here primarily about the way people are how every human is as an organism or person, and how humans are with each other in community in its smallest groupings and in their widest reality as a planetary community.Don was born in the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel England 1935.( is a New Zealand citizen and lives in Christchurch New Zealand and on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. He is on the training staff of the Christchurch Institute for Training in Psychodrama and is a Psychodrama Trainer within the Moreno Collegium Brisbane Queensland (see

Psychodrama methodologies recognize that spontaneity and creativity are vital realities for human health, development and communal values. Produced by Jacob Moreno and others, notably Zerka Moreno, psychodrama views the way each person interacts with others as within a system of what people do and how they relate. Theatre, drama and stage are influential on psychodrama’s explorations of how things are and how they might be. Individual and social investigations are made with power to promote healing, recovery and building good relationships.