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Freedom to Act in New Ways

Freedom to act in new ways (Word) Freedom to Act in New Ways co-authored with Charmaine McVae is an article for the Australian Psychologist’s December 2007 edition. The article presents a spontaneity-creativity-mindfulness approach to psychological counselling where the client makes new choices and develops new ways of being him or her self in settings that have […]

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Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane: Appreciating her being and becoming through explorations of role This article was submitted to 2007 ANZPA Journal and published with a small unintended alteration as the result of an addition of graphics. Here in its original form. The use of the words “coping gestalt” rather than “coping role”were carefully chosen as Don explained in […]

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A clue from Moreno as to how humans tick

Jacob Moreno saw that the idea of role in theatre is a powerful powerful metaphor for how we are as humans. The organisation of ourselves to be who we are uniquely with our personality and our system of relating can be pictured applying the role concept. Moreno recognised that while role was beginning to be taken […]

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The sand is back

Going on to the beach at 7.20am the man leaning on the fence post in a flurescent red shirt with his eyes scanning and searching the beach with an exagerated familiarity made his declaration. “The sand is coming back.” This is true, so I say “Yes it is.” End of conversation as Gwen and I […]

A Bridge too Far

I have been thinking and talking with Gwen about yet another child yesterday being baffled at our Leyland 1980 Mini Moke. No doors are a problem if you are two. The mother’s responses are interesting. Watching alongside the mother is positioned as a “director” in a psychodrama for a mirrored scene. Or in a similar […]

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Publishing prescriptions

This morning in conversation with a colleague by email we engaged on the need for trainees and students to discipline their writing to meet their publishers precise requirements. Psychodramatists in training are attracted by and continue their training buoyed by the discovery of spontaneity and the access it gives to their creative genius. They notice […]

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Library 9am

The laptop in our Mini Moke and off I go to the Library to play at blogs webs site-management and uploading and so on. Gwen and I have already walked an hour on the beach between porridge and toast with the second cup of tea.

A new day

The beaches of the Queensland Sunshine Coast are ever changing. Tidal rhythms don’t coincide with our regular walking times and beach is narrow or wide. Storms and winds steepen or flatten the slope. The larger storms scour revealing the black vocanic rocks and laying off sand bars to increase the adreneline of surfers girls boys […]

The forms I or you take in being ourselves

The form or way of being myself or of you being yourself takes as a functioning form or whole unique being is grown or developed as we move respond and act. What arises from within us is our own “spontaneity” energy and life we produce and constantly are creating in ourselves. We do it. We […]

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