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Stage a wonderful and particular place in reality

Stage for Dr Jacob Moreno’s psychodrama is a material construction designed so that realities, truth and soul are able to be opened, faced and known for what they are. Reality is what is both ordinarily lived in a slice of life plus all that is and all that can be – beyond the readily recognized realities. Reality is what we experience and enact in everyday living. On the psychodrama stage it can be enacted true and raw from both subjective and objective viewpoints. Moreno identifies five instruments for psychodrama production: the first instrument is Stage. Stage is then that particular place and setting where things actually happen just the way they do. Stage for psychodrama is that place set out for life experiences to be enacted with reality, truth and endless potential for new and expansive experience. Each construction, whether by our thinking about how things happen as they do, or whether by construction of a theatrical stage with measures taken for staging and production, informs the understanding of the other.

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