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It hasn’t got any doors


People of all ages point and laugh with delight. Teen agers shout greetings. Smaller children always want someone to look too. Tiny people 2’s – 3’s are perplexed. It doesn’t fit their image of things that move on roads. It doesn’t fit with what adults ride in. The problem is “How does he get out Mummy? He doesn’t have any doors”. Sometime mothers explain others stand alongside and say “Let’s look”. The child is then delighted, amused or simply on to other things. Those with adult explanation and reassurance are still frowning through their perplexity even having seen for themselves that I can and have got out without a door.



Library 9am

Mini Moke

The laptop in our Mini Moke and off I go to the Library to play at blogs webs site-management and uploading and so on. Gwen and I have already walked an hour on the beach between porridge and toast with the second cup of tea.

The beach edge

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The beach crawls with flora weedy and scrawny greeny greys and fighting brighter green clawing into the sand will it hold against high tide will rising global seas simply swamp its effort.

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A new day

The beaches of the Queensland Sunshine Coast are ever changing. Tidal rhythms don’t coincide with our regular walking times and beach is narrow or wide. Storms and winds steepen or flatten the slope. The larger storms scour revealing the black vocanic rocks and laying off sand bars to increase the adreneline of surfers girls boys men women who leap on their bikes and into their buggies in greater numbers when the surf is right. We, Gwenand I walked the beach this morning with deep blue sky shining bright golden flare we gave not a glance and wisps of white misty clouds curling to wreath the horizon.

The forms I or you take in being ourselves

The form or way of being myself or of you being yourself takes as a functioning form or whole unique being is grown or developed as we move respond and act. What arises from within us is our own “spontaneity” energy and life we produce and constantly are creating in ourselves. We do it. We create our selves. We form our selves and structure our character. The prescribing pressures on us that urge or demand, with rewards offered and punishments threatened for what we do or might do, are the socio-cultural pressures in our society. Surrounding community which has our taken for granted commitment, our family of origin, our peers or reference group engenders and maintains them. So often unknown unrecognised they work to sculpt us to their preferences. Current romantic relationships – friendship groups – work groups – each produce own “role” pressures. We have other sculptors of past times from infancy on our physiological shapers have worked within emotional responses, searing reactions, conflicted urges and blinded rages or blockedness each lays down patterning in nerves, sinews, tissues and involuntary movements. Psyche and Soma soak up and generate stylised reactions programmed to evoke body memories. available or dissociated images, hyper-attentive, and tiny body shifts and cue moves.

We carry our reactive body and mind responses to our environment from birth on. Pressures within and of us are reactivated in response to stimuli that has our psychosomatic system alert us. We bring forward the emotions and constructs that we activated originally. This may be at a high or low level, generated in response to the intensity of the stimulus.

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Gravel Paint