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Born London 1935. New Zealand since 1973. Christchurch with Gwen. 65 years in relationship.

Flip remark within serious news conference opens a glimpse of psychodrama

Barrack Obama in his first news conference as United States President Elect makes a couple of light remarks. One about the White House children’s dog selection. The other turning a titter at having said he had spoken to all past presidents. First he says “All living past Presidents”, then “I didn’t want to get into a […]

A big difference with Role as I see it

“Role” is a word that Jacob Levi Moreno took from his theatre experience and his fascination with staging, producing and creative acts. He coached children in freedom to be themselves in Vienese parks while first a philosophy and then a medical student. He created impromptu theatre with teenagers and Vienese actors. He produced theatre early last […]


During this week David Beckham in the news for his effort to maintain his level of competiveness for being selected to play for England in another world cup is to play on loan for Milan during the US off season. Accused of turning his back on the LA Gallaxy he said:”I am not leaving Gallaxy […]

Playing with links – will it work?

Struggling to put in a link and eventually Walter discovered that by putting a name highlighting and clicking link the dialogue box appeared and the link could then be inserted. Why did this struggle ocurr? Walter usually works with HTML and so was unfamiliar with the visual screen and the faded “link” button! For example […]

Wandering the pages

Setting up a Blog with the intent to place writing I have done and will do is a challenge. Walter thank you for revising and developing the site. I am getting a strong feel for its workability. I will continue to explore. With your being away for a while when you return I should be […]

Canon of Creativity

 A group of psychodrama trainees, a colleague and I recently explored Jacob Moreno’s Canon of Creativity. During the weekend the question came what is a “canon”. It is a rule or law. A law by decree a gathering together of religious rules, principles and precepts can be called a canon. The canon may however be a natural […]

Components of a Role

  A clue from Moreno 4 Components & 2 Interactive Factors The first clue is about there being thinking, feeling and action in every and any role. Second in the graphic that follows there are three additional factors alongside and essential to a concept that role has thinking, feeling and action. They are that: a. values arise […]

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I am myself and I want to be ME – when I really am me

Spontaneity is the freedom to be each of us ourselves. To be freer and freer to be who I am or you are and for us to become who we really can be. I want to be truly myself. Spontaneity is the factor in us that releases that freedom. Healthy spontaneity is mindfully directed and […]

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A Poem by W.H. Auden

Walter Logeman who has been guiding me into the world of blogging and web pages on Word Press sent me this poem to lead me into the how to post or page an article or document. You will see that I posted a comment on his posting and I copy it here after the poem.

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Freedom to Act in New Ways

Freedom to act in new ways (Word) Freedom to Act in New Ways co-authored with Charmaine McVae is an article for the Australian Psychologist’s December 2007 edition. The article presents a spontaneity-creativity-mindfulness approach to psychological counselling where the client makes new choices and develops new ways of being him or her self in settings that have […]

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